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FLATBREADS - made with Organic 100% whole wheat vegan bread baked on premises daily.
- Ham or Turkey  $8.95
- BBQ Chicken $8.95
- Veggie and Hummus $7.95
- Rotisserie Chicken $8.95
- Tuna Fish $8.95

- Cheese Flat    $7.00


Choose your toppings and build your sandwich the way you want!


Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Onions, Peppers, Honey Mustard, Mayo

Cheeses: American, Swiss, Provolone, or Habanero



Freshly grilled asparagus, zucchini, broccoli, peppers and onions wrapped in our Organic 100% whole wheat dough and baked. Served with choice of one side: Cucumber salad, 5 bean salad, couscous or Sunchips.


1/2 Soup & 1/2 Flatbread $9.15
Choose from any of our fresh flatbread and soup varieties.
1/2 Soup & Pretzel $7.00
(Select from any pretzel flavor)
1/2 Soup & Pretzel Dog $8.25

Nathans' 1/4lb. 100% Kosher beef dog wrapped with our Organic Gourmet Pretzel.


1/2 Soup & 1/2 Salad   $9.45

1/2 Soup & Mini Veggie Pocket  $9.455


Quesadillas 9.25

Organic freshly baked vegan quesadilla topped with diced tomatoes & cucumbers.

- Rotisserie Chicken & Habanero Cheese

- Fresh Veggies & Hummus (cheese optional)

-Spinach & Feta Cheese

-Cheese Quesadilla



Vietnamese (Hoagie) Banh Mi $ 8.95

Vegan: Cucumber, Cilantro, Pickle Carrots & whtie radish (daikon), avocado, soy sauce and sriacha.  Served with choice of side.

With Meat: Add Turkey, Ham, or chicken (no avocado).  

**hot pepper topping optional**

Traditional Vietnamese Pho $10.75

Chicken, Rice Noodles and Bean Sprouts topped with Cilantro, Green Onions, Basil, Soy Sauce and Hoisin Sauce.  Prepared with homemade chicken stock.  



Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots and olives. Topped with your choice of:

-House Salad (no topping)

-5 Bean Salad



- Chicken (Plain, Buffalo, or BBQ) $9.75
- Tuna $12.25
- Salmon $12.25

Dressings: Honey Mustard, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Creamy Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette


Can be served in organic bread bowl for $1.00


Vegetarian Burger w/side $8.50
3 Grain veggie burger of corn, black beans & roasted peppers served on a fresh baked organic vegan roll with a side of cucumber salad, 5 bean salad, couscous, or Sunchips.


Atlantic wild Salmon burger w/side


Served on a fresh baked Organic vegan roll with a side of cucumber salad, 5 bean salad, couscous, or Sunchips. Optional: onions & peppers, hummus


Turkey Burger w/side $8.50

5 oz. Fresh all-natural turkey


Toppings: Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Peppers, Onions, Honey Mustard, Mayo, or Cheese


Stations Café Soups Served w/ fresh baked Organic breadsticks.

16 oz. serving

8 oz. serving



(Available: Vegetarian, Gluten Free & Dairy Free) Try our Delicious Fresh Made Soups! - Antibiotic free beef and poultry - No preservatives or additives - No MSG or Yeast - No trans fats


Our soup selection changes daily. Please call and ask about today's soups!


Homemade turkey chili with beans - White chicken chili with cilantro - Shrimp and roasted corn chower - Chicken noodle - Chicken & dumpling - Cream of broccoli - Carrot ginger - Mediterranean grilled eggplant - Beef barely and vegetable - New England clam chowder - Manhattan clam chowder - Loaded Potato - Italian wedding with meatballs - Chicken Stew - White bean and escarole - Tomato soup with garden vegetables - Tomato basil - Split pea with ham - Lentil and chickpea - Chicken tortilla - Tomato feta - Chicken vegetable with rice - Butternut squash & Apple - Hungarian mushroom - Chipotle sweet potato 


Facebook: "Stations Cafe Main St." for our freshly made soup selections


Jalapeno, garlic, raisin, toasted coconut, almond crunch, cinnamon, parmesan, powdered sugar, salted

$3.00 each
Pepperoni & cheese $ 3.45
Pretzel Dogs $4.00
Pretzel sticks & dip $4.50

Caboo O’s

(powdered sugar dough wrapped oreo cookies)

(5 per bag)



Single scoop...$2.95, Double scoop....

$5.00(cone or dish)

*Add $0.35 for sugar cone,

Root beer Float (24.oz)..... $ 4.50
Old Fashioned Milk Shake (24.oz).... $6.35


Pretzel bowl Sundae 


COFFEE 12 oz. $1.44, 16 oz. $1.86, 20 oz. $2.10
Teas 12 oz. $1.86

Hot Chocolate


$ 1.86
Fresh squeezed lemonade

20 oz...$ 3.65

32 oz...$4.70

Fresh brewed Ice Tea

20 oz...$1.75,

32 oz...$ 2.50

Bottled water..... $1.57
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